#HardkourSummer Has Begun! // Week 1, Day 1 Recap

#HardkourSummer has officially begun!

THANK YOU for those who showed up on our first day of #HardkourSummer!

Stanton Central Park is a nice change up of scenery compared to our past locations. Here you will find a gated public community with a nice wide-range field surrounding a kid’s water park and playground, and their office buildings.

Our class location is conveniently a brief walk away from the restrooms, where you would be able to get a nice view of other attractions around us such as their: luxurious grill huts, mini-workout station, soccer and baseball fields, the kid’s playground, and much much more ..

Here’s the full recap of our first day, including photos and video clips of some behind the scenes footage:


Thanks for your continued support.

Much Love,

The HKP Team

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