4 Ways To Run Without Pain

We’ve stumbled upon this great insightful article by Spartan Race and found it extremely helpful for whatever sport or physical obstacle you’re looking to overcome.

You know a [Obstacle Course Race Event] is going to hurt—in the best way possible. But training for one shouldn’t put you in constant pain. Nor should it cause injuries that force you to stop training altogether.

Which brings us to running. For all the obstacles you’ll encounter, “You have to remember that it’s a running race, particularly as the distance increases,” says exercise physiologist Glenn Phipps, owner of Movement Lab in New South Wales, Australia, who’s worked with a long list of obstacle course racing (OCR) athletes, including 2014 Spartan world champ Jon Albon.

How you build that endurance can make or break your training program. A recent review study found that male runners are especially vulnerable to injury when they’re just starting out or restarting, while age and running on concrete are bigger risk factors for women. Previous injuries predispose both genders to future ones.

Here are some simple ways to limit risk and save your suffering for the actual event.

Here are 4 ways to run with no pain:

  1. For Every One Step Forward, Take One Step Back
  2. Lift Weight Instead of Just Feet
  3. Buy The Right Four Shoes
  4. Embrace The Right Kind of Stress

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